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Top 3 Insights from Gretchen

  1. Harassment is a pervasive epidemic that crosses every socioeconomic line and profession. 

  2. NDAs were originally created to keep company secrets like formulas for soft drinks from leaking to the public, not to keep predators in their positions and silence victims.

  3. One woman can make a difference, but together we can change the world. 

More About Gretchen

In 2016, journalist, best selling author, and former Miss America Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her boss, Fox News, Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes. Her bravery ignited a firestorm as dozens of other women stepped forward to accuse Ailes of harassment forcing Ailes to resign. Consequently, 21st Century Fox issued a public apology to Gretchen along with a settlement.  However, that settlement came with an NDA that would silence her from telling her own truth. 


Gretchen spoke with nearly 100 of our students this week about her mission to ensure survivors, for generations to come, can speak their truth without adverse consequences or fear of retaliation. Her work to end forced arbitration and NDAs is championed through her organization Lift Our Voices. Her donations through her Gift of Courage fund help organizations who serve to lift voices and encourage bravery, just like SASS Go.  Learn more about Lift Our Voices mission here.

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