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Instructor T-Shirt & Key Chain Order (2019)


Instructor T-Shirt & Key Chain Order  (2019)
Instructor T-Shirt & Key Chain Order  (2019)


Nov 14, 2020, 8:48 PM – 8:53 PM

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T-shirts and keychains are available!  You can purchase t-shirts (the design and color in the photo) for $17 (this includes the cost of the shirt and postage); you can purchase key-chains (photo attached to email) at cost for $2.50.  You may give them away or sell them during class.  If you elect to sell, t-shirts are sold for $20/each and keychains are sold for $5.00.  You may keep the proceeds from the sale.  Please note that you are responsible for complying with any federal, state, or local laws or regulations, including relating to income or sales tax.  

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  • Large T-shirts

  • Medium T-shirts

  • Small T-shirts

  • Extra Large T-shirts

  • Key Chain

    These key chains are the ones you received at Instructor Training.




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