FEBRUARY 24-28, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the Winter 2020 SASS Go Instructor Training!  Below you can download the SASS Go Instructor Training Packet. This packet will provide you with all of the information you need about the organization, the courses we offer, details of the training process, instructor expectations, the full candidate application, and of course, the passion and fun involved.


Applications are due on or before December 7th. All details regarding important dates, as well as the costs associated with training, are included in the packet.

SASS instructors embody strength and sensitivity, fueled by a determination to see a world where women and girls are free from fear and abuse.  Each instructor is hand selected and extensively trained ensuring the utmost standard of care for every participant entrusted to us.  When selecting candidates to participate in instructor training, SASS Go does not look for just anyone to train, we look for THE one.

Questions?  Email us at


“We know how mentally strong we are as women. Combining the mental strength with the physical strength to become new, more evolved versions of ourselves makes me feel like Wonder Woman. This is camaraderie with a cause and it’s beyond powerful.” -Aimee, Instructor in Training




Salt Lake City, Utah

Congratulations to the incredible women who successfully completed Summer 2019 SASS Go Instructor Training.  Through bruises, tears, laughter, and love, these women fought hard and are now sharing SASS's vital training in their communities in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and beyond.  We are thrilled to welcome them to the tribe!