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Give Today to Make Communities Safer.

At SASS Go, we make communities safer by empowering women and girls with the skills to protect their lives from violence and abuse.  We join forces with leaders and decision-makers in our communities to hold accountable those responsible for harm and create environments and support systems where all are free to live into their fullest potential.  


To date, we have educated and trained thousands.  Over 57% of our participants have received SASS Go services at a free or a reduced cost because we believe everyone should have the skills needed to protect their lives.  With 24 certified and licensed instructors who have shared SASS in 17 states and the District of Columbia, we continue to march towards our goal of eradicating assault, abuse, and trafficking globally.  

The heart of SASS Go is right here in the Midlands. Give today to help us continue safeguarding communities, people like you, and the lives of those you love. 

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Midlands Gives is May 4th

Early Giving is Underway Now

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Phone: (803) 317-7277

Address: PO Box 334

Ballentine, SC 29002