1. To continue providing trauma-informed, land-mark programming designed to reduce risk, build confidence, and delve deep into the protective mindset of predicting and preventing violence; 

  2. To increase exponentially the number of women and girls we serve by continuing to train and support more SASS instructors; 

  3. To offer SASS programming for free or at a reduced cost for both individuals and organizations with financial constraints;

  4. To multiply SASS’s presence in educational institutions, community organizations, and law enforcement;

  5. To raise awareness of the trafficking, abuse, and violence epidemic.  

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
define their future, and change the world.

The Power of Your Gift

We rely on the support from people like you to operate.  Donate boldly knowing that all of your gifts will be used to further our goals in many vital ways.  Your donation will:

  • Offer hope and foster resiliency in hearts that need restoring;

  • Provide parents with the comfort of knowing that their children are prepared to recognize danger and respond effectively to get to safety;   

  • Build confidence in a woman or girl who may not always recognize just how worthy she is;

  • Empower women and girls with risk-reduction techniques and tactical defense skills to protect themselves against threats to their physical and emotional well-being;  

  • Fund the continued development of programming to address ever-evolving safety concerns and the unique needs of communities that SASS Go serve;   

  • Further the development of an interactive and educational web platform;

  • Support preparations for our state-of-the-art training facility and offices; 

  • Assist with programmatic and operational expenses that are critical to SASS Go and efforts to achieve our mission.    

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