Through our age-specific, developmentally appropriate, trauma-informed training, SASS Go is meeting participants exactly where they are with the information and skills they need to save their own lives.

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SASS Go currently has 24 certified and licensed instructors who are sharing SASS in communities from California to South Carolina.  Don't see a SASS course near you?  Contact and we can work with you to arrange for an instructor to travel to you.  If you want to have SASS in your community all the time, consider applying to become a SASS Instructor or encourage your friends or family members to apply.  Click here for more information.   


Self-Defense Training


Elementary School

Class Time: 1.5 hours

Designed for elementary girls and their mothers or guardians, this course feels more like play than preparation. Girls are taught to trust their instincts, recognize manipulative behaviors and use their voice with new physical skills to run, yell, and tell in order to get the help they need. Advocating for oneself, physically and mentally, begins here.

Miss Independent

Middle School

Class Time: 2 hours

This course teaches middle school girls to recognize the signs of unhealthy relationships and the dangers hidden in social media. Participants learn to use their voice, recognize their own worth, and fight back if needed, with precision and determination, to get to safety and help quickly.


Women Ages 15 +

Class Time: 2 hours

Participants are trained physically and mentally for the most common threats to their safety from simple grabs to complex strangulation scenarios. This course is paramount to creating a community of women and girls who know they are worth the fight!


Women Ages 15 +

Class Time: 2 hours

Women and girls review material from SASS 1 and learn additional physical and mental skills to safeguard them from ground attacks and numerous abduction scenarios. This course builds on the power and purpose discovered in SASS 1.

SASS Elite

Women Ages 16 +

Class Time: 2 hours / week for 8 weeks

Experience both SASS 1 and 2 plus defensive tactics and awareness against the behaviors of criminal minds. Additionally, experience extensive physical training including threats to safety involving guns, knives and multiple assailants. This course is also offered as a semester long, for-credit course at select Colleges and Universities.

Virtual Prevention Education

Protecting Your Little Girl

Parents & Guardians

Class Time: 1 hour

This course is designed for parents and guardians determined to protect and empower their elementary aged girls against assault, abuse and trafficking. Uncover how predators gain her attention and how to develop a safety plan that offers you and her control and confidence. Match the tools that help her predict predatory behaviors with age appropriate ways to talk to her about recognizing dangerous situations and getting to safety quickly. We will share practical tips for building her confidence, awareness, and decision-making skills that can be taught with one trip to Chick-fil-a! Training her at this age is not only critical, but fun, and the benefits will last a lifetime!

The Middle School Mind

Parents & Guardians

Class Time: 1 hour

Let’s face it, middle school is an adventure for kids and their parents. This course is designed for parents and guardians determined to protect their middle school girls while navigating the dangers that are unique to this particular age group. Participants will learn the essential skills to protect her life, to recognize the signs of unhealthy relationships, and the dangers hidden in social media and beyond. Gain the skills to help her predict predatory behavior with age appropriate ways to talk to her about it and learn how to develop a safety plan that offers confidence for everyone. We will share practical tips for building her confidence, awareness, and decision-making skills through conversation that serves to strengthen your relationship with her.

College Essentials

College Women

Class Time: 1.5 hours

Designed for college students to learn the essentials of protecting body and mind, this training teaches participants to recognize potentially dangerous interactions with minimal information, the 5 most common tactics used to prey on women and how to counter them, situational awareness/risk reduction, how to get more time in emergencies, and their strengths that can be used against an attacker's weaknesses in order to neutralize threats with maximum impact in the shortest amount of time. Participants will also learn how to find, support, and foster safety initiatives on campus and drive forward new ones.

10 Critical Skills to Save Your Life

Women Ages 16 +

Class Time: 1.5 hours

The 10 Critical Skills to Save Your Own Life course instills a set of proactive skills, enabling and empowering individuals to recognize threats to their safety and immediately execute strategies necessary to save their own lives. Participants will learn how likely they are to face violence and abuse in their lifetime and discover ways to assess and mitigate risk that are useful in a myriad of commonly faced scenarios. The top five predatory tactics used against women and girls will be uncovered as well as a concrete understanding of the power of intuition, our body's biological response to fear, and how to gain the advantage in dangerous scenarios, whether with a stranger, or someone known, trusted, or loved. Welcome to the course that teaches humans to use our inherent strengths and primordial characteristics to protect our most valuable asset- our lives!

The Recognize, Respond, Refer

Professional Series

Medical Personnel

Class Time: 1.5 hours

This dynamic training provides healthcare communities with accessible, practical and tangible solutions when working with survivors of violence.  Medical professionals play a critical role in in the lives of survivors but face complex barriers when doing so. “Recognize, Respond, Refer” provides concrete tools to manage the myriad of complexities within these cases by addressing the challenges for both patients and providers.  With hurdles like time constraints and limited resources addressed, participants uncover key physical and behavioral indicators of abuse, comprehensive screening tools, trauma informed response protocol, and referral solutions that help ensure continuity of care by specialists long after first interactions. Your medical community should feel confident in their ability to care for some of the most vulnerable among us in ways that lead to safety and successful long-term health outcomes. "Recognize, Respond, Refer" training ensures they do.

Legal Counsel

Class Time: 1.5 hours

Providing legal representation to survivors of violence is extremely important, but it can also be challenging because every survivor that walks into the office is bringing trauma in with them. Lived trauma affects every part of a person’s life. This includes their ability to relate to other people, take in information, communicate, and even their memory. These are significant pieces that directly impact both their legal case and their interactions with their legal representative. The Recognize, Respond, Refer training provides you, their attorney, with the skills to understand trauma and how it impacts your client and gives you verbal tools and applicable strategies to build trust and remove barriers through dialogue. In addition, the training covers topics that are unique to working with victims to ensure that both attorney and client are prepared for the realities they are facing and have effective tools to address those realities as they present during the course of representation.

Law Enforcement

Class Time: 1.5 hours

This training provides law enforcement agencies with the tools to develop effective and comprehensive intake processes when working with survivors of violence and establish investigative strategies that maximize victim and officer safety while building prosecutable cases that hold perpetrators accountable and provide justice for both the community and survivor(s).