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Together, we are building The Banks, a state-of-the-art campus for survivors, their families, and the professionals that serve them.

In order to secure a future that is safer from violence and abuse, we must train our community to predict and prevent it, care for those who've endured it, and ensure best practices training for the professionals responding to it. This centralized campus will provide the coordinated support, guidance, and skills our communities long for.  With 1 in 3 women and girls experiencing assault, abuse, and/or stalking, there is no time like NOW!

What will you do today to help build The Banks?

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Those we support and the building of The Banks happens because of generous supporters like you.

Thank you!

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Professional Attending a Seminar

Public Training & Consulting

The Landing at The Banks will offer elegant facilities with state-of-the-art amenities and large indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for hosting training and conferences for community members, educators, agencies, first responders, officials, businesses, and organizations.  Our team of trusted experts from the legal, investigative, medical, education, security, and mental health fields will offer concierge case consulting for those seeking support navigating their experience, case, or the legal system. 


Private Survivor Support

The Refuge at The Banks will be specifically for survivors in need of second-stage care. It will boast 14 private cottages and a carefully selected care team of skilled specialists prepared to develop and meet survivors' individual health and wellness needs. The serene and secure environment will help minimize stress and distractions and maximize safety and long-term health outcomes through the support of our nutritionists, counselors, medical professionals, advocates, recreational, art, and equine therapy specialists.  


The Welch Family     The Stewart Archer Family Foundation     Will & Karley Yancey

Caroline Bradley, Rainey McBride, Hattie Chancy, & Garrison Welch

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