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OCTOBER 13-15, 2023


The all-inclusive, I Will Survive Weekend, created by SASS Go, is a landmark event for women to secure self defense, firearm, and Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) training from trusted field experts in one amazing location. Unlock your inner warrior with the tools, training, and knowledge needed to protect your life, and the lives of those you love.

Lodging, ammunition, firearm, protective gear, food, and even a t-shirt to commemorate your courage, are all included. Each step of this inspiring weekend echoes the truth that you are strong, loved, and always worth fighting for! Save your place now for the most empowering weekend you never knew you needed, and won't believe you ever lived without.

Space is limited for women ages 17 and up, so reserve your spot today!

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The Sawmill Training Complex is nestled on close to 250 acres of untouched land in Laurens, South Carolina. Most days, both private and public tactical training events are occurring on these grounds boasting helicopter landing zones, a 50’ simulation tower, and a difficult 1400-yard sniper range.

However, during the I Will Survive Women's Weekend, those 250 acres are all ours! Warriors will arrive, park their car, and leave their worries behind, for what will become one of their most powerful and treasured memories of all time. Every detail is planned and our experts will be there to support each warrior as they learn to protect and preserve their lives and the lives of those they love. 


Everyone has the ability to predict danger and protect their life.

Learning how to access, train, and deploy that ability is critical to the confidence needed to act. Those attending the I Will Survive Women's Weekend will discover their ability to recognize threats and neutralize them to get to the safety and support they need. Each skill learned will use women's strengths against their attacker's weaknesses with maximum impact in the shortest amount of time.

A full day is devoted to these mental and physical defensive skills, including those against abductions, strangulation, weapons, and more. Important insights into criminal minds, victim selection, and the recognition of behavioral cues both in strangers and those we know, trust, and even love, will all be revealed. Warriors leave with a new framework for how they see the world and respond to it. Each woman will walk in the door with everything she needs, no matter her experience, fitness level, age, or background. SASS Go trains her to use it all with confidence.



Experience leads the way in this course designed specifically for the I Will Survive Weekend. Personal instructors, Teena and Mike, are passionate about training both novices and experts within an environment that fosters trust, patience, and practice. Warriors will learn safe handgun operation, intelligent concealed carry tactics, proximity shot effectiveness, and South Carolina gun laws, all while breathing in the fresh air and Carolina sunshine that surrounds them. Teena and Mike are both expert marksmen with combined decades of experience training and serving others through careers in law enforcement and SWAT. 

This course will follow the concealed weapons permit training as established by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).  Warriors 21 and older meeting SLED requirements during the course will have the required training, paperwork, and fingerprints to pursue a South Caroline issued Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP). There is a required $50 application fee to submit CWP paperwork to SLED that must be covered and processed by the pursuant.  Out of state guests can click here to discover their resident state’s CWP laws, protocols, and reciprocity with other states. 


All women have felt their intuition whisper that their safety was at risk,

but very few have been trained to determine the level of danger and what to do

next to get to safety, regardless of the situation, location, or specific threat.


James Hamilton, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Senior Vice President of Quality in Protection at Gavin de Becker & Associates will train our warriors to perform threat assessment evaluations within their daily lives. Whether jogging near home or entering a downtown parking garage, this training provides women with the skills to identify favorable and unfavorable conditions, mitigate risk, and independently respond to save your own life. Warriors will no doubt pass these skills down for generations to come in order to #protectthetribe! 

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Events like these have the power to safeguard lives and restore confidence.  SASS Go understands that some women may not be able to attend without financial support and offers scholarships to ensure that all women who want to attend are able to do so.  If you would like to be considered for a scholarship for our next I Will Survive Weekend, please click "apply" below.


If you would like to do your part to ensure that all women receive skills to safeguard their lives, please consider becoming a sponsor by clicking "sponsor event" below.