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SASS Go Instructors live in states across the country and share the power of SASS with thousands of women and girls in their communities. SASS Go Instructors embody strength and sensitivity, fueled by a determination to see a world where women and girls are free from fear and abuse. Each instructor is hand selected and extensively trained ensuring the utmost standard of care for every participant entrusted to us. When selecting candidates to participate in instructor training, SASS Go does not look for just anyone to train. We look for THE one. 


Instructor Training is a revolutionary experience through an 8-week process with three distinct phases. During Phase 1, candidates attend a five day in person physical training. During Phase 2, candidates work remotely, solidifying their ability to teach what they've learned. Phase 3 culminates and tests all of the skills learned.


We are excited to announce that Phase 1 of SASS Go Instructor Training will kick off in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 10th- 15th! This five day intensive offers a time of elite physical training, in depth education and personal growth. Both the downloadable Instructor Recruitment packet and the button to apply are below. 


If you are determined, kind, driven, and ready to equip women in your community with the tools, training, and knowledge needed to protect their lives and the lives of those they love - it's time to apply. We can't wait to meet you! The application deadline is Monday, May 13, 2024.

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For your convenience, our application process is completed entirely online.

 Before you apply, we strongly encourage you to download and review the application below.  This will help to ensure you understand the process and have the information required to submit your application. Once you have reviewed the application, you can begin the process by clicking "Apply" below. There is a $35 (nonrefundable) application fee. Please note that supplemental documents, including the physician approval form and letters of recommendation, may be submitted separately if necessary. Applications are reviewed when all required attachments and fees are received.

“We know how mentally strong we are as women. Combining the mental strength with the physical strength to become new, more evolved versions of ourselves makes me feel like Wonder Woman. This is camaraderie with a cause and it’s beyond powerful.” -Aimee, Instructor 

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