The 2022 Giant Review

Updated: Nov 11


With a committed purpose and the power of your support, we dove into 2022 determined to make communities safer from assault, abuse, and trafficking. Through our prevention education, self defense training, and collaborative consulting with survivors, their families, and the professionals serving them, we are accomplishing our mission across the globe. Let's celebrate by taking a look together at what we've accomplished with your help!


SASS Go has trained nearly 13,000 women and girls in 22 states and Washington DC.

Curious about which states we are talking about? Here they are: Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

In 2022 women and girls around the globe received our self defense and threat assessment training from across 4 continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Within the myriad of places and people served were universities, private and public schools, organizations like the National Charity League, and corporations like Truist Bank, KPMG, and Infor. How cool is that?



This year the SASS Go National Instructor Training was held in Dallas, Texas. We added 7 new instructors to our tribe for a total of 28 instructors across the United States. We are proud to share that we have officially taken up residence in three NEW states with these additions. Those states are Florida, Georgia, and Virginia. Congratulations to each of these incredible ladies on their hard work and dedication to #protectthetribe. Stay tuned for our next National Instructor Training to be held in Summer 2023.



This year we served and supported nearly 1,000 women and girls for free or at a reduced cost. In just 4 short years, we have worked with over 6,500 people for free or at a reduced cost. From our self defense courses to our consulting teams working hand in hand with survivors and their families, our mission to ensure safer communities extends to everyone everywhere- because we believe are all worth fighting for!

If you want to help sponsor women, girls, and our work for 2023, please give here. With 1 in 3 women across the globe experiencing assault and abuse, your help is always needed and appreciated. And you are not alone in your generosity. Did you know that each of our instructors donates 10% of what they earn back to SASS Go to help secure scholarships for women and girls who need them? Yup. Our tribe is all about giving as we go and we are so grateful you are too!



In May, SASS Go was honored to present our insights and wisdom on ending involuntary druggings in our communities at the Conference on Crimes Against Women in Dallas, Texas. This renowned conference hosts thousands of professionals each year from across the globe to uncover the latest information from trusted experts in their fields. From prosecutors and judges to law enforcement and first responders, everyone has a part to play in preventing, pursuing, and ending involuntary druggings and the crimes associated with them.



On June 21st in Columbia, South Carolina, SASS Go hosted the 2022 South Carolina Women's Advocacy Summit, showcasing the resolve of change-makers from across the state. By invitation only, a team of carefully selected field specialists gathered. Together law enforcement, medical professionals, attorneys, executive directors, and advocates evaluated the trends and challenges faced by survivors of violence and abuse they serve. Key community leaders with powerful influence surrounded this discussion to gain a realistic perspective of the successes and hurdles both survivors and professionals experience.

Among those leaders were South Carolina's First Lady Peggy McMaster, Columbia Mayor Rickenmann, family members of survivors, and philanthropists. Together, they explored proposed and innovative solutions with one goal- to use the information shared to make decisions that positively impact the safety and well-being of South Carolinians for generations to come. During this time, a collective momentum was bolstered, the spirit of cooperation invigorated, and relationships were forged across the state, resulting in new ideas and initiatives to better serve our communities.



SASS Go served both South Africa and Tunisia from July - October by providing free live virtual trainings for multiple organizations supporting those experiencing assault and abuse. These trainings included an area of South Africa with the highest femicide rate in the world.

Utilizing SASS Go's 10 Critical Skills to Save Your Own Life curriculum, 1,074 women and girls learned to increase their chances of survival when personally targeted, whether in a relationship or by an unknown person on the street. Each attendee also discovered ways to refine her observation lens, understand and perform her own threat assessments, and trust her intuition to save her own life. Our special thanks to i-LEAD Self Defense for hosting several of these trainings for their tribes. This curriculum is available to you and those you love too and can be requested at tea