Whether age six or 96, SASS courses teach participants to set healthy boundaries and enforce them no matter your performance level, experience or skill base.  This is trauma informed, statistically relevant training fueled by current trends in abuse, assault and trafficking and common criminal tactics.  Find a course, host a course or sponsor a course for the women and girls you care about today.



Universities, medical professionals, attorneys, executives, educators, civic groups, and more are welcoming the SASS land-mark training designed for men and women to reduce risk, build confidence, and delve deep into the protective mindset of predicting and preventing violence for you and your tribe.  These hand-crafted and pivotal seminars are tailored for the unique circumstances facing your institution and create a communal environment that is stronger because of the information shared, resources highlighted and brilliant minds ignited just like yours. 


SASS also speaks with organizations and businesses to raise awareness and provide preventative measures that are helpful in safeguarding you, your families, and those you love.  Join our list of friends who know more and do more to protect women and girls and have SASS come speak with your group today. 

These programs are available virtually or in person.



Security and confidence abound when we prepare now for potential emergencies later.  Our consultants skillfully lead multidisciplinary meetings within your organization, intentionally establishing high functioning and efficient crisis response systems. 


This collaborative magnifies the impact of each department while solidifying responsibilities and defining roles.  Once in unison, these teams can rapidly form a 360-degree view of cases from initial incident to long term safety with seamless movement and the highest standard and continuity of care.  The results showcase themselves as a safer, more secure environment for everyone with focus shifted away from what cannot be done, to what can be done.


Institutions find individual agency work load is reduced, resources better utilized, and solidarity of purpose clarified for maximum impact.  Communities thrive with such preparedness, understanding that no single entity can address safety and security alone, nor should they. We are prepared to help no matter where you are, or how you got there.  We are stronger together!

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