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SASS became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and added “GO” to the end of our name.  We did it trusting that your faith in our work would help expand our ability to GO to everyone, everywhere to end violence and abuse against women and girls.  
It's time to reflect and look back on what we’ve done to change the world together!  Watch the video to see all we have accomplished with YOUR support!   

Paul Freese

Human Trafficking Legal Network Former VP of Public Counsel

"SASS programming not only teaches women and girls how to protect themselves against abusive relationships and entrapment into trafficking, but also how to recognize their sacred identity.  Priceless."


Keith Squires
Utah Commissioner of Public Safety (Ret)
Chief Safety Officer, University of Utah

"The ladies teaching these courses are amazing. I've had the opportunity to see first hand the impact it has had and am glad even more women and girls will be receiving this training."


Ashley Thomas

The Hive Community Circle

Founder & CEO

"SASS is not just about teaching women and girls how to protect themselves but also empowering them to be confident in their abilities to act on their own behalf."


"Worth the Investment"

Mr. Sibbett is the longest serving 
Parole Board Chairman in Utah's history and has made decisions on over 130,000 criminal cases.  One third of those were sexual assaults and far too many were against minors.
In an effort to prevent violence from reaching the faculty, staff, students and community of his beloved Dancing Moose Montessori Schools, Mr. Sibbett carefully designed its space and technology to be of the highest standards in security. 

 In 2018, he personally selected an instructor specifically trained by SASS to continually educate those entrusted to his care, from ages 6 to 96.  At SASS GO, we are honored to serve both Mr. Sibbett and the Salt Lake City community through his valiant efforts and deep foresight.


Interpersonal Violence & Murder: Mesa's Story
Stalked at 18: Alex's Story
Sexual Assault: Jenna's Story
Why Love SASS

"If the little girl in you ever needed to advocate for herself and didn't have the confidence or skills to know how to - do it for her!"

“I just feel so strong, powerful and confident! I want to share what I’ve learned with everyone I know and even those I don’t. This class has been life changing, it really has.”

“I loved this course! I think every woman should take it. It not only taught me how to protect myself but it made me a confident individual. I truly see a change within myself after taking this class. The instructors are amazing role models for the University of South Carolina students in every way. What a gift to the state of South Carolina.”

“The Mother/Daughter class is amazing. I highly recommend it and encourage moms to look into it. The lessons we both learned were extremely valuable.”

“This class actually changed my life. I feel more confident all thanks to this incredible program.”

“Hands down, the best class at University of South Carolina. Not only is it clear from the moment you step into the classroom that you are cared for as an individual, but the instructors go out of their way to ensure everyone understands why we learn what we do and that we are learning so correctly." 

“[A]fter this class I finally feel like myself again, have confidence in being a women, walking to class, and feel like I can protect myself if ever necessary.  I needed this class more than I could have known and you exceeded any expectations I had for this class." 

"This class has given me the gift of self-confidence, personal strength, and feeling of community."

"Besides being extremely useful and changing my life, the class is just plain fun. It is the only one I consistently look forward to attending every week. Thank you, SASS and the University of South Carolina for having this life-breathing course.”

“Take this class!!!! Wonderful, practical, and Empowering!!!”

“Amazing course!! Built my confidence and ability to believe in myself.  What price tag could you ever put on that kind of education? ”

“I loved this course! I think every woman should take it. It not only taught me how to protect myself but it made me a confident individual. I truly see a change within myself after taking this class.”

“I absolutely loved this class! . . . The things learned in this class are invaluable and aid in building confidence in each student. The course is also empowering and a bunch of fun! . . . I would absolutely recommend this course to every college girl .”

“The SASS team came to my work today to train us in self defense and I can honestly say it was one of the most helpful trainings I’ve ever been apart of. I walked away feeling enlightened, empowered and inspired. Thank you ladies for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!”

“Informative and sensitive! I’m so thankful to have this knowledge and feel prepared for an unthinkable situation.”

“Loved learning from SASS!! Wonderful ladies who teach you practical skills to defend yourself in real life situations.  Highly recommend!”

“Had a blast learning the skills and the ladies made the class so much fun and entertaining.  Thank you so much! I highly recommend them for all ages.”

“What an awesome class, I wish every child, girl and woman could experience this. Power is in numbers and our class was over flowing. ”

“I loved the environment this class had and how different girls from all parts of campus could come together under this amazing teacher and build confidence and feel safe on campus.”

“I love this! The class, the message, the feeling of empowerment, the fun and camaraderie with other women, the instructors...such an awesome time! I already want my 3.5 year old to learn this! Looking forward to the future when I can take her to a class! Every woman needs to have these skills!”

“Our class was invaluable and important. . . . [I]t has opened a pathway for positive conversations about how to be confident and protect ourselves. It has helped us have conversations about difficult subjects in a less intimidating way for my children.  Honest and appropriate. Thank you.”

“A wonderful experience with my girls!!! They can’t wait to take another class!”

"Every woman and mother should be involved with SASS.  Shannon and her team are absolutely amazing and I am so thankful God brought us together!!  This group is invaluable."

"My 15 yr old daughter and I attended the SASS 1 class and can’t wait to do class 2.  [Our Instructor] was an excellent, sensitive, encouraging teacher. Highly recommend to all women and young ladies. Learning about heightened awareness and defense is a win win."

“Outstanding! Just blown away by the information my daughter (11 years old) and myself learned in 2 hours. Children and parents were engaged the entire time and the girls did not want the class to end.  [The Instructor] taught with love, humor and fight. She truly adores what she does and it shows. This training is a must; the empowerment you walk away with is awesome. Thank you!!!”

“This class is MUST for all the ladies, young and mature! The things my daughter's soccer team and moms learned are PRICELESS! SASS is knowledge and peace of mind all wrapped into one! We were already a Tribe before this class but now we have a village!  Thank you!”

"This class was one of our best events yet.   Everyone had so much fun!  We will for sure be reaching out again for future events."


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Thousands Served & Trained

Since becoming a nonprofit organization, SASS Go has impacted over 20,000 individuals through education, self defense courses, and case consulting across 4 continents. Way to GO!

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Across the United States

Our 28 licensed SASS Go Instructors have served in 22 states and Washington, DC. Each of them are bonded with the communities they serve to ensure we all do our part to #protectthetribe.

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Reaching Everyone

We believe everyone deserves a life that is free from violence and abuse.  For this reason, over 50% of SASS Go participants have received training and support at a free or reduced cost.  

You’re a Click Away from Making a Real Difference in Someone’s Life

Our critical work is only possible because of generous individuals like you.

SASS GO Contacts

We are available to listen, answer questions and share how we can best serve you.  Go ahead, say hi!


Phone: (803) 317-7277

Address: PO Box 334

Ballentine, SC 29002

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