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The SASS Go Education Series is a free online safety series for parents, grandparents, and those with a vested interest inn safeguarding the lives of those entrused to their care.  These videos are not intended to be shared with children.  You know your children best.  After watching these videos, consider the age and circumstances of your child before beginning discussions on topics covered.


The wisdom gained from these videos should be used in conjunction with both intuitive, preventative, and responsive measures.  Each person watching these videos watches within their own set of circumstances.  If your circumstances are such that watching these videos may put your safety at risk from someone who threatens you or the children entrusted to your care, please consider finding a safe space before viewing.  You can also find resources for support by clicking here


If you would like to schedule a virtual or in person training or would like to learn more about the work SASS Go is doing, please contact us at or call 803-317-7277.

Protecting Your Little Girl
The Middle School Mind

The Education Series is funded by the generosity of the Greater Chapin Community Foundation and supporters like you.  Thank you!

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SASS GO Contacts

We are available to listen, answer questions and share how we can best serve you.  Go ahead, say hi!


Phone: (803) 317-7277

Address: PO Box 334

Ballentine, SC 29002

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