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Educate & Train Communities and Front Line Responders

Your donation provides communities and individuals with awareness, resources, and knowledge to keep themselves safe from abuse, assault, and trafficking.  Your donation also provides critical education to front line responders to facilitate positive and effective interactions with survivors, reducing retraumatization and promoting successful long term health outcomes.  Because of your generosity, SASS Go has served over 8200 individuals through virtual education and in person training, and we are just getting started!

Reach Those in Need

Because of your generosity, SASS Go is also able to offer our training and education for a free or reduced cost to those who need it, including the most vulnerable in our communities.  To date, over 55% of our participants received SASS programming for a free or reduced cost, and your gifts ensure continued training for at risk youth, survivors of assault, abuse, and trafficking, and others facing hardship.  We all deserve to live free from abuse, assault and trafficking and have our powerful voices heard.  When you give, we are able to go to everyone, everywhere.

Train Instructors to Serve Communities Across the Nation

Your donation fuels SASS Go's outreach by training, certifying, and licensing instructors from across the country, exponentially increasing the number of women and girls of all ages who gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills to safeguard their own lives and the lives of those they love.  SASS Go instructors have served in 19 states and Washington, DC.  These instructors are training in schools, businesses, organizations, institutions, law enforcement, the military, and places of worship in communities across the globe. 

Provide Restorative Skills & Consulting Services for Survivors

Your donation means SASS Go can offer critical restorative skills and crisis response consulting services to survivors, their families, and the institutions that serve them.  During the pandemic and continuing beyond, the world is experiencing an increase in intensity and frequency of interpersonal violence, and your donation ensures that SASS Go can meet that demand and help fill in the gaps in overloaded systems.  

Donation Opportunities

Some of our best work happens alongside our corporate teams and sponsors who wish to support SASS Go's mission.  Learn how we can get your office involved!

From direct funding of SASS programs, to providing us with the opportunity to grow and serve more people, every donation helps change lives.

Your space can mean more SASS Go courses.  We are always looking for places to offer our programming and reach even more people.

When you become a matching donor, your pledge inspires other SASS Go supporters to give boldly knowing every dollar they give is matched up to the amount of your pledge. So go ahead, be bold!

Whether a Paint & Pour, a luncheon, or a small gathering at a location of your choice, we welcome all ideas for events that allow us to support SASS Go and engage our Sassters!

Whether its your birthday or Giving Tuesday, consider creating a Facebook fundraiser and sharing your passion for SASS Go with friends and family.

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