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We are on a mission to eradicate assault, abuse, and trafficking against women and girls globally through prevention education, self defense training, and case consulting.  Our dedicated team believes all women deserve to learn the skills needed to save their own lives.  The women and girls we serve are as diverse in age, background, and experience as the world they inhabit with nearly 60% receiving our services for a free or reduced cost. Together we work hard to #protectthetribe.

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We want everyone to experience the confidence that comes with the ability to advocate for yourself, set and enforce healthy boundaries, and live into your purpose in the world.  

If you'd like to help women and girls discover the power to prevent abuse, assault and trafficking and provide critical restorative skills to survivors, join us today with your time, talents or resources. 

SASS GO Contacts

We are available to listen, answer questions and share how we can best serve you.  Go ahead, say hi!


Phone: (803) 317-7277

Address: PO Box 334

Ballentine, SC 29002

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