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keep the ball rolling

the story Behind the video

During this time of distancing, we miss being with our Sassters and reminding them just how powerful, strong, and loved they are.  We decided we couldn't wait a minute longer to share this message, and this video is the result! 

So check it out!  Thank you to the fabulous Made Film Co. for putting this video together and to all the Sassters who joined in on the fun. 

do your part

There are so many ways that YOU can keep the ball rolling and do your part to end assault, abuse and trafficking.  You can organize a course, make a donation, or give of your time in multiple ways.  To learn more about how you can volunteer or how your donation changes lives, click below.  Thank you!


Keep the ball rolling by sharing a message of hope with fellow Sassters!  Send us your video catching a paper ball, showing your message, and then throwing the ball.  First, be safe.  Then, be silly, be creative, or be whatever you like, so long as you are YOU!  

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SASS GO Contacts

We are available to listen, answer questions and share how we can best serve you.  Go ahead, say hi!


Phone: (803) 317-7277

Address: PO Box 334

Ballentine, SC 29002

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