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Top 3 Julie Insights

  1. When friends experiencing relationship abuse ask for help, lead them to experts who can offer the professional support and resources they need. Remember that leaving an abuser can be the most dangerous time for a survivor and it should be done with the help of experts in safety planning.

  2. One of the clearest ways to spot potential abusers is to see how they respond when they don't get their way.  Seeing how your potential partner manages minor conflict like where to eat dinner or going somewhere with friends alone, can be eye-opening and a clear predictor of how they will handle larger issues when they don't get their way. 

  3. Abuse is not a behavior problem, it is a belief system problem.  Abusers believe they can behave the way they do because fundamentally they do not see their partner as an equal in the relationship.  This type of a belief system creates a power imbalance within relationships and one person inevitably feels forgotten, ignored, and belittled

More About Julie

Julie Owens is a survivor of domestic violence and attempted murder working in the field of violence against women and women's empowerment since 1989. She has founded initiatives that support survivors inside hospitals, served on DV crisis response teams, within transitional shelters, and has championed advocacy and training programs across the US. She has worked with countless trauma survivors, used her voice for research studies and podcasts, served as an expert witness, all while being a devoted mother, loving wife, proud dog mom and gardener.


She is a trusted presenter and expert for the U.S. Dept. of State, U.S. Dept. of Justice, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Office of Probation, National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center, U.S. National Network to End Domestic Violence, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the list goes on. We are very grateful that she spent her time with us discussing interpersonal violence and how we can be brave together to change the face of support and hope moving forward.

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