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USC Athletes Join SASS to Mentor Epworth Children's Home Girls

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Which Columbia leaders are showing up by the dozens to help?

"Safeguarding vulnerable community members is a SASS GO priority. Having the University of South Carolina student athletes as mentors is icing on the cake. -Shannon Henry


When University of South Carolina Exercise Science honor students, Rachel and Casey, first called SASS GO in hopes of a partnership that would benefit the girls of Epworth Children's Home as well as their senior thesis, they hoped to impact dozens of middle and high school girls' lives. The program would run Monday nights from August 2018 to April 2019. It was a quick yes.

Rachel is a graduate of the SASS university course that is offered by the USC Physical Activities Department for a graduation credit as a semester long course. "From personal experience, I know how empowering SASS is and since one of our main goals of our project is to leave the girls with a sense of empowerment and self-worth, I thought it would be a great idea to have SASS involved in our program", says Rachel. Now rolling, the reality is that what they started is now impacting hundreds from all over the US in powerful ways.

Now four months into the program, the benefits to the girls from all over the state are undeniable, but equally powerful is the joy seen with the addition of mentors like students from the University of South Carolina Athletic Teams such as Swimming and Diving, Volleyball, Tennis and Equestrian. "Our athletes from all over the country are coming back from time spent with the program overjoyed and determined train their family and friends with what they've learned and get back quickly to Epworth to join in again. They have packed schedules between workouts, games and school, but are carving out this time within those schedules saying they don't want to stop once they've started. "says a department representative.

As always, SASS is humbled to serve alongside people who care deeply about others. We are excited about more programs to come that mimic the showcasing of compassion and camaraderie being experienced by everyone involved. Special thanks to Epworth for recognizing and trusting the love and focused purpose of two college students, a university who values their student's ideas and a little bit of SASS.


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