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Good to Go - Quarterly Review!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Our training efforts are in overdrive! Already this year, we have educated nearly 1700 women to assess threats, reduce risk, and advocate for themselves and trained an additional 480 women and girls in our in-person self-defense courses. Nearly 80% of these participants received services for free or at a reduced cost! Click here to check out our course offerings and schedule training in your community.

We hosted the first-ever I Will Survive Women's Weekend! During this three day, all-inclusive retreat, women from across the country gathered to learn from trusted experts in the fields of firearms, self-defense, and threat assessment and developed the mindset, skills, and wisdom needed to protect themselves and those they love. Along the way, these powerful warriors became an encouraging sisterhood rooted in the truth that they are strong, loved, and full of purpose.

We are curbing drug-facilitated crime. Through our work on the front lines, we discovered a disturbing and dangerous trend of drug-facilitated crimes being reported right here in our own backyard. Such crimes leave victims vulnerable and often lead to injuries and other violent crimes. Never one to sit back and wait on others to act, SASS Go created and is facilitating the Critical Incident Response Team, which brings together leaders from law enforcement, healthcare, victim services, and the greater community. Through this team, we are developing a protocol and standards that will reduce drug-facilitated crime and support survivors.

All this and it is only April! We serve survivors and the community with the goal of building safer communities for all. Having you on board is critical to this continuing effort, and we thank you for your support.


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